Segura Hermanos, S.A.
        Mecánica de Precisión


At Segura Hermanos S.A., quality is not only a requirement for the satisfaction of our clients; it is a main philosophy of our company. Our quality control system, under constant improvement, is certified with the ISO 9001:2008 standard, and reflects 20 years of experience.

The control of our manufacturing processes, our products (both at the manufacturing site and at the final delivery), the documentation involved in each order, etc., is a fundamental norm of our company. 

We have the most modern equipment to control, check and certify our products, continuously revised to ensure its calibration and uncertainty. 

Micrometers, calipers, profile projectors, microscopes, surface roughness testers, are a few examples of measurement instruments we have at our disposal. 

All of our products are sent with their corresponding material certificate, dimensions certificate, certificate of treatment, and certificate of surface finishing.