Segura Hermanos, S.A.
        Mecánica de Precisión

 Welcome to Segura Hermanos !

 Segura Hermanos S.A. started off in 1970 as a company specialized in precision machining. Since then, our mission has been to become a leading company in the field, providing the highest quality in parts manufacturing. 

 Our commitment with developing the best and most innovative products has turned Segura Hermanos S.A. into a dynamic and flexible company, always looking for optimal solutions that adapt to the specific needs of our clients. 

 The design and quality of our products guarantee a high mechanical and structural reliability. The constant adaption of the latest technology sustains the development and the growth of our company, and strengthens our position on the European market. 

 Being an independent, medium-sized company, Segura Hermanos S.A. has gained the trust of its clients based on the best service and the highest quality products. With the motivation of our team, and the use of the highest technologies, we can offer the quality and service that is needed in today's highly competitive and continuously expanding business environment.